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     Cyrs is the original French spelling of SEARS. This is an old family name.  She has been sewing for many years and is an exceptional seamstress.  She has an eye for the technical aspects of designing and pattern drafting.  She loves the entire sewing process, especially how a project comes together, how well a garment fits and what it takes to produce a finished garment. 

     Sharon has a very diverse background.  She does alterations on everything from a men’s shirt to $15,000 liquid beaded gowns.  She performs dressmaking services for both men and women.   Some of her clients include contestants for the Ms. Gay America pageant.  If she can make an evening gown for a man, imagine what she can do for you.  She has provided dressmaking services for theater productions in Memphis, Tennessee and Little Rock, Arkansas as well as  Pageant productions for the Ms. Arkansas contestants, working backstage making sure that the girls are perfect before they go out on stage.  She has also performed alterations for Katie Stam, who was Ms. America 2009.  Katie wore one of Tony Bowls designs.  Sharon has worked closely with Tony Bowls since 2002 when he owned The Arlington Dress shop in Little Rock, Arkansas.  In addition, Sharon worked on the Andrea Robertson gowns for Mrs. Missouri and Mrs. America 2009. 

Sharon Sears