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Still learning project  This hoodie is fully lined and is reversible. Has tapered neck and fits closely without bulk inside of coat. Has 2 exposed zippered pocket. By request, Velcro fasteners are available rather than zippers. Pockets are large enough to hold items such as keys, money, wallet and your phone. Order in camo for hunters, pink camo is also available. Children sizes coming soon. Can order two different colors to support your favorite sports team.Product is available in either fleece or wool fabric.

Still Learning Level  Cotton Pillow Case. Has a large pocket with a top elastic casing. Pocket is large enough to hold pajamas. The pocket is not flat. Has a handle for easy transportation. Perfect for a weekend at Grandmas or for vacation.

Welcome to Cyrs Design Studio!

Cyrs Design Studio is proud to announce the launch of our 'Sew-N-Go' Project product line! These projects range from beginner to advanced level. They include the pre-cut fabric pieces and instructions for easy assembly. 

My goal is to teach people how to sew. The kits are all inclusive, all you will need is a sewing machine and thread. The instructions are easy to read, illustrations (blue print style). The idea is to inspire you to get creative, making it your style your way. Please feel free to post finished pictures of any projects on to my facebook, Pinterest, or any other social site; I would be thrilled to see them.  

Stadium Hoodie  $45.00

Slumber Party Pillow  $28.00

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